How to acquire the gift of speaking in public

ByRick Deutsch

How to acquire the gift of speaking in public

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once said the Speaking is man’s worst fear – #2 is dying. if you are giving a funeral eulogy, you are safer to be in the casket.

Do you fear speaking more than  death?

Do you fear speaking more than death?

Humorous, but not too far off the mark. In my family growing up, with 5 kids, if you didn’t jump into a conversation and LOUDLY, you got passed over. Now all of my siblings can command an audience in  public. Our sense of humor is another asset. Keep your talks light and fun for the audience.

If you are a newbie to the circuit – take classes in public speaking. ANYTHING can be learned. Besides formal classes, I endorse Toastmasters as a great way to get over your fears. another service that I can personally recommend is the Dale Carnegie Program. Both are super.

The other way to build skill is to rehearse your talk. Time it. Video yourself and have a honest third party give you comments. Relatives and close friends may be too “nice” to you and not give you what you need. Audio record you talk and listen to it in the car while driving. The idea here is to know your material and not have to stop and think what comes next.


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