Speaking jobs on cruise ships are plentiful | SpeakOnCruises teaches how

ByRick Deutsch

Speaking jobs on cruise ships are plentiful | SpeakOnCruises teaches how

One of the best vacations you can take is a cruise to an exotic place. How about the Mediterranean? Maybe Santorini, Greece? Alexandria, Egypt or Shanghai?

Rick Deutsch in downtown Kobe, japan

Rick Deutsch in downtown Kobe, japan

Yes, if you can speak in front of a live audience, have decent credentials for your topic and are an expert – with our help you can get ready to get booked.

Most cruise lines no longer solicit their entertainers. They have outsourced the hunt for good folks to a cottage industry of four USA based agencies. The staff are former Cruise Directors themselves or seasoned office workers that are very familiar with the process.

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For $200 you get a 2-hour seminar, we’ll show you the tips and tactics to be a successful speaker on a moving hotel. You typically agree to give four talks on one theme. 45-minutes and you are off. An hour work only when the ship is at sea. Then you get full passenger privileges. Maybe even free tours and airfare. All lines are different so you have to be flexible.

How about two weeks cruising Australia. My wife and I are heading to London – Scotland – Ireland in Mid-August. Oh yes, free on an ultra-luxury all inclusive boat…er, ship.

Get going – the seas are calling and you must go. Contact us and let’s work together. We have seminars every week.  Book soon and we may be able to do it 1-on-1 August. Book yours today.


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