Speaking on Crystal Cruise ships

ByRick Deutsch

Speaking on Crystal Cruise ships

The Crystal Symphony

The Crystal Symphony

I have given many talks on Crystal’s Serenity and Symphony. The line is rated the BEST for the last 17 years by Conde Nast and Travel & Leisure magazines. Yes, I agree. They attract highly credentialed speakers. On sea days there are typically 3 scheduled talks. One at 10 am, one at 11 am and the 3rd at 1:30.

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Depending on the anticipated crowd, the venue on the Serenity could be the large Stardust Club, the Hollywood Theater or even the Galaxy Lounge for big names. On Symphony, they are called the Starlight Club, Hollywood Theater and the Galaxy Lounge.

Talks are strictly 45-minutes and are filmed for later replay on stateroom TV’s. Because of the large number of talks, they rotate coverage for about 2 hours each. The ship will not make copies for speakers as this would take up too much time for the technical staff. It’s recommended to bring your own videocam and either have a guest film you or just set up on a small tripod.

Crystal uses the “Madonna” style over-the-head microphones. This allows the speaker to turn his/her head and still be heard. Arrive early to let the technician set you up and do a sound check. They will not activate your mic until you are announced. The Cruise Director will arrive just minutes before your time (they are very busy) and will introduce you. Even though you have submitted your bio several times, I suggest you prepare a short one-sheet with five bullets on who you are for the CD to refer to. They have a lot on their plate and may only remember that you are from Des  Moines.


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