Speakers: How to handle gratuities when on a cruise | Do you have to tip?

ByRick Deutsch

Speakers: How to handle gratuities when on a cruise | Do you have to tip?

                                                                   Tip those who give good servie
Tip those who give good service

Many speakers go on cruises to snag a free cruise for two. That alone is the best reason to enter this field. Something your significant other will enjoy. Or even a friend or a relative. I have some old cars and invited a buddy to come when my wife could not attend.

Another benefit is possibility to get free tours. Today I want to talk about the whole issue of gratuities.  A few ships will cover your gratuities. Generally, the middle to lower strata cruise lines expect you to pay gratuities. All-inclusive lines are truly ALL-inclusive. That meaning they will pay for your tips.

So what is the process? Even though tips (and that’s what gratuities really are) are voluntary. Voluntary? Gee, then why do they give out envelopes and a tell you recommended amount? So why do you tip the Maître D’? What did he do for you? How about your waiter?  Your  housekeeper?   YES tip her (and most are women) are well worth $20- $30 bucks. Really, they work very hard, day and night. Do NOT put her tip into an envelope and give it to management. No, if you do that all the envelopes get opened and the money put into a pool. She might only see $8 of the total that you wanted her to get.

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Give cash to the people who provide you good service. They will get more bang for the buck. OK, so if you want to know the general universal advice it’s to give 10% of the amount paid for the cruise. But you sail for free? So what….give 10% of the equivalent fare. And this is per person.

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