Speakers: Give it to your mom. | Your lectures need to be easy and clear.

ByRick Deutsch

Speakers: Give it to your mom. | Your lectures need to be easy and clear.

In our SpeakonCruises.com classes, one thing we stress is to prepare you talks as if your mother were there. Cut out all the acronyms, abbreviations and buzz words. Don’t assume your audience knows about your topic. Many are just getting out of the sun and into a cool auditorium. They do not want a college class. Regardless of what yon are speaking on – KISS – Keep It Simple, Sir.

Keep your lecture simple for mom.

Keep your lecture simple for mom.

If you imagine your mother trying to understand what you are going over, you are better off. Now I’m not saying that mothers are dummies, but most have had other preoccupations their whole lives. Just getting you out of the house into the American scene in one piece was enough.

Sure moms are more fluent in the ways of the world than ever before, but picture her on vacation. She does not enjoy a Scientific American drill down of the Higgs Boson. No, what wants USA Today. Easy and fun.

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So really, find someone to listen to your talk. Is it clear, do you make a good point? Did you give a good introduction? A summary at the end? Nice photos for mom to enjoy? No bullets? All this is standard speaking technique that can be learned. That’s what Mr Bill and Mr Rick do for aliving. We want to help go get a free cruise for two. That’s all. Need help with your speaking? We will drill in the “Mommy factor.” Oh yeah – the Call to Action – SpeakonCruises.com

So I say keep your mom on your mind. Remember KISS – oh yeah, give your mom a kiss!

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