Speakers on cruise ships: wear your best

ByRick Deutsch

Speakers on cruise ships: wear your best

You only get one chance to make a good impression. When you speak on a ship, the advice is to look better than the guests. YOU represent the line. The passengers think you are part of the staff. You need to look the part of a subject matter expert. The audience needs to be engaged in your content, not on your college logo necktie. Pick subdued colors. Nothing flashy; leave that to the Hollywood celebrities. For men, one dark suit jacket and 3 ties will suffice for 2 weeks. Bring a pair of different color pants to get more mileage out of your clothes. You should have a complete suit that you can wear to after hour gatherings. Guests dress up for many evening events. If you are dining with them you should look sharp.

While you are bounding about the ship, I suggest nice shorts, white tennis shoes and white socks. Wear a polo shirt and you’ll be styling.  Don’t wear cut offs, flip flops or otherwise look ratty.

The ship will have a laundry service. I use the dry cleaning for my suit. The white shirts come back snappy. You may also consider a small shoeshine kit. When you are up on stage, the audience can easily see if you just romped through a dirt pile. Look spiffy.  You will get compliments – especially from the ladies.

Be prepared for inclement weather. Many ships provide umbrellas for guests, but don’t count on it. Toss in a small one, as well as a waterproof jacket. I find one the hardest things is packing when it’s 70 degrees at home. On a recent cruise from Montreal to New York City, the best thing I packed was a down parka.  It was VERY cold on the St Lawrence seaway.




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