Speakers: your cruise ship may be thousands of miles away. 6 tips to be flight ready.

ByRick Deutsch

Speakers: your cruise ship may be thousands of miles away. 6 tips to be flight ready.

As a cruise ship speaker, you may want to use your free trip for two to visit faraway places. Dubai, New Zealand or maybe Vietnam.  All these are very, very far away and getting here is a bugger. Plan on flights at 20+ hours. That’s just the flight time. Terminal waiting for connections will add to that.

The inflight experience can be trying. Here are some tips:

1. As soon as the Line/Agent gives you the go-ahead via a confirmation number AND airline BOOKING number, get on the horn to request your seats. Seat Expert is a great place to sort out the good seats from the bad.

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Speakers: find the best seats

Speakers: find the best seats

seats 2

2. Try to get all your carry-ons in the overhead. The more leg room you have on a long flight, the better.

3. Get up once an hour. Really. I have seen people NEVER move on a 15 hour flight. Stretch your legs. In the old days, before the tight “stay in your seats” restrictions, I used to get down and do sit ups and leg lifts. Now I can only do some standing stretches.

4.   Consider wearing compression stockings. Your legs risk thrombosis as blood pools over a long duration. See #3 above.

5. Drink. Drink water – or at least NO caffeine. I prefer Ginger ale…not sodas. You do not want to get dehydrated. Cabins are inherently dry and your throat may be susceptible to visiting viruses.

6. Bring earplugs, eye shades, a warm jacket, an inflatable pillow and your own music/videos. Time will pass faster  – and try to sleep so you arrive rested halfway around the world.


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