Why do speakers choose cruise ships as their turf? | Is sailing for free enough?

ByRick Deutsch

Why do speakers choose cruise ships as their turf? | Is sailing for free enough?

Why do I want to go on cruise ships? The obvious is that it’s free for two. I get to take my wife on a very nice vacation – a couple times a year. Good “husband points.” Nothing earth-shattering here. But to be honest, that’s only part of it.

Bill speaks enthusiastically

Bill speaks enthusiastically

I love to speak. I am a chatter box and can go on for hours. I think it’s my Italian heritage. (Half German and half Italian).  The Italians have a reputation for talking a lot – especially using their hands.  To me this hand-jive is a benefit as I gesture a lot during my talks.

I also have a nice baritone / bass voice. As long as I vary it – speed, pitch, tone – it sounds pretty good. I do have to be careful about droning on in a monotone.

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When a person has something to say that he/she is passionate about, the words flow easily. I’m not very good at memorizing. I make lists around the house so I get things done. Trying to memorize a talk is inviting disaster. If you have a brain fart, you are hosed in front of dozens of people. I prefer to just put up photos on a large screen. Then I talk to them. Since I will not go on unless I am the expert at the topic, I drive myself to learn all about it.

Try Napoleon or Howard Hughes or the Grand Canyon. I study the topic until I know it cold. I rattle these off to my wife as we drive. Bottom-line: I love to talk. Better to do it on the way to Greece than the local service club for a rubber chicken lunch!

So what are YOUR reasons for wanting to speak on cruise ships? I hope it’s not just the freebies.

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