Speakers be a Boy Scout: Be prepared for anything

ByRick Deutsch

Speakers be a Boy Scout: Be prepared for anything

A seasoned speaker I know recently missed his flight to Singapore but the situation had a happy ending

Turns out the flight was scheduled for March 9 at 12:05 am. That’s five minutes after midnight . Thinking that he had all day the 9th to play then get to the airport about 9 pm on the 9th to catch the flight. Plus that we daylight saving time change. All that added up to an embarrasing moment.

Missed my flight???

Missed my flight???

So he and his wife showed up at the counter and the clerk could not find them on the flight. “Sir, your flight was last night, not tonight.”  Omigosh, what a blow to the abs. LAST night? “Well, actually TODAY at five minutes after midnight,” the clerk replied.    Come on, what a circular flow.

What to do now? Luckily there were two seats left on the today flight….or actually the tomorrow flight at five minutes after midnight….can you see the confusion here? OK, but what about the ship?  He called the cruise line and being the middle of the night, all he got were voicemails. Oh no!!!

Being fast on his feet, he sent an email to the Cruise Director and the ACD.  Since it was noon in Singapore and the ship was berthed there, the ACD told him to just get a cab for the 30-minute ride. With a landing time of noon, and ship departure at 6 pm – all would be good.Except for a little mud on his face.

That speaker???  Yours truly.  Did we learn something here?

Yes, double check everything – but also get email addresses of the key players.

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