Cruise Speakers – Get a baby tripod to hold your camera

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise Speakers – Get a baby tripod to hold your camera

We recently blogged about the need for your own decent quality free-standing digital camera. Unless you have a mate with a steady hand, your videos are going to very shakey. If you are recording your talk, you need to have the camera on a stable platform. I do many cruise ship speaking gigs alone and need tovhave a better method. Tripods do the trick.

No one is going to add the weight of a full tripod to their luggage limit. If you sweet talk the technical crew on your ship, you might be able to borrow one for your talk. If not, bring a teeny tiny tripod. It is good enough to balance my rig on a seat in the back of the room. You don’t need anything more than that.

Here’s the one I love: it’s the Polaroid Heavy Mini Tripod With Pan Head. 

This thing telescopes out to 5-8 inches. High enough to get above most heads (watch out for the lady with the new “do.”) When collapsed, it can easily fit into your pocket.  the other neat feature is that you are not fixed in one position. The rotating pan head allows you to move your camera to get it level, regardless of the position the tripod sits on.

I am totally against the tripods the kind with snakey legs that look like gorilla fingers. They may be fine for grabbing onto trees, but they do not work like the Polaroid unit. AND they are way more expensive and huge. Oh, did I say under $10.00 for the Panasonic??

Order yours here->  Panasonic Tripod.

PS…I get all set up…zoom, and put the unit under a speaker in the room or hook up my wireless mic (future blog subject) and then walk to the front. Quick video editing and I’m golden.


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