Besides the speaker, what is the entertainment on a cruise?

ByRick Deutsch

Besides the speaker, what is the entertainment on a cruise?

Depends. It depends on several factors: the size of the ship, the length, the price, the destination and several other factors. Of course the highlight of any cruise is the Enrichment speaker – YOU!

Speaking = Entertaining

Speaking = Entertaining

On good ships you will be treated to a nice cabaret type show in the evening. One about 7 pm, and the other is on about 10 pm. Many of these are first class – song and dance. They are not whole plays but highlights of several all lumped into one. Like songs from West Side Story, Grease or Sweeney Todd. The performers are usually young up and coming stars. It’s rare to get a real name act. They tend to get paid a lot more for Las Vegas. On alternating nights, you may get a ventriloquist, a pianist, a dance pair and a comedian. Some combine voice throwing with comedy. One of the best was a hypnotist. These acts are typically flown in for a couple shows.

ADDITIONAL => A good YouTube is essential

On the smaller ships the acts are a bit more Spartan. I once had the CD and his two assistants singing to us. Basically high school quality. Pretty tacky considering the price folks paid.

If you take more than one cruise on a given ship, you may see the exact same featured shows by the 12 dancers again. They are very good and worth seeing. But often we just skip it and go to bed.

A downer is that as a speaker, you might get a room right above the band. Thump, thump, thump until midnight. But it is FREE.

FREE is a very good price. Contact us and we’ll get you sailing.


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