New slide changer: perfect for not going overtime

ByRick Deutsch

New slide changer: perfect for not going overtime

It’s been a while since we talked about my Pearl Harbor Kit. To refresh, the US was caught unprepared for the Japanese invasion in 1941. I do not want to be caught without being ready for contingencies during my talks.

I bring a baggie with all the essentials I might need on a ship. I just found a new one. Let me introduce you to the Smk-link VP4560 Wireless RF Presentation Remote Presenter for Powerpoint (a mouthfull). It’s made by Interlink Electronics.

slide changer that is recommended due to the built in timer.

The VP4560 Slide Changer

OK, so what is it? It’s a standard PowerPoint slide changer. Click it and you get to the next slide. BUT, it has a built-in timer. Just tap a button and it begins to count up in minutes/seconds. So, if your talk is for 45-minutes (as on most cruise ships), you just glance down at the device to know when you need to get off stage.

This is a lot easier than straining to see a clock that might read: 2:14 and try to figure out how much time of 45-minutes you have consumed. The laser is red and wimpy, so I still recommend getting a bright green laser. Just don’t point it at airplanes!

This cost me $34 at an electronics store. Hunt the web for the best prices. Well worth it. I kept my older clicker as a backup.


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