Ships need speakers. Ships need your Expertise. Ships need YOU.

ByRick Deutsch

Ships need speakers. Ships need your Expertise. Ships need YOU.

I just got back from a 2-week Hawaii cruise. 4 islands. But there were 9 sea days…so I gave 9 talks. 9 different talks. Not a  bad “price” to pay for a free cruise for two.

So why aren’t you going after these gigs? You found this website, and read it….you know there are slots waiting. They won’t go  unfilled…but why should some woodchuck in Moosejaw, Kentucky get it?

Wouldn’t you love to take your “significant other” on a Mediterranean cruise? Maybe the Greek islands?

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A new booking agency has arrived on the scene. As a start up they are in need of speakers – BOTH Destination and Enrichment.  They need to look good to the cruise lines to get the business up and running.

Agencies are pretty much the only way you will get accepted. THEY vett you and present you to the lines. ..  if everyone likes you…you may – MAY – get a slot.

Only 20% of people who “say” they want to pursue something actually have the intestinal fortitude to go for it. Speaking is a talent. Not everyone can stand in front of a crowd and transfer INFO-tainment.  Good stuff plus keep them entertained. Can YOU?

You will be a celebrity. I had a blast. My wife had a blast. We got FREE tours by assisting the Excursion folks.  Not all ships allow you to do this.

Our 2-hour seminar will give you all the info you need to land jobs.   You are NOT employed by the ships….so talk to your taxperson if this might be a deduction for you – or if you need to report the value. You will not get a W-9 and the ship does not record any compensation. You won’t get paid; the cruise for 2 is in exchange for your talks.

Give us a shout. Operators are standing by!

man lecturing

SpeakOnCruises own Rick Deutsch speaking on NCL.

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