Seasick?  | Cruise speakers cannot afford to get sick | solutions that help

ByRick Deutsch

Seasick?  | Cruise speakers cannot afford to get sick | solutions that help

When you are scheduled to give your lectures, you cannot miss them due to seasickness. The ship needs you healthy. Go to bed early and hydrate. On our recent trip from Singapore to Capetown, the 20 hour flight really hit my wife and me.  Jet lag lasted a few days. We sailed the Indian Ocean for 6 continuous sea days on the Indian Ocean. I kept my eyes out for 777 aircraft parts.

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The waters were very flat but my wife did get a few days of the bla’s. She wore an ear patch. Then she took Dramamine. But she still got it. It was mild but slowed her down. I felt nothing. To me it was like a lake. The medical center on most ships will give you free Dramamine, but  bring your own.

Take action to avoid being seasick

Take action to avoid being seasick

Some advice from the CDC is to stay hydrated, don’t drink alcohol or coffee and caffeinated colas. Eating humble meals helps (less to vomit) . The bow and stern have more motion and will rock you. Funny but the CDC stated that “cabin location on a cruise ship does not appear to influence the likelihood of motion sickness.”  Hmmm, I don’t believe it. Try to get near the center of gravity – the middle.

Some other ideas:  Ginger, aromatherapy and look at the horizon. Tough to do if you get an inside cabin.

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