Room assignment when you land a speaking job on cruise ships

ByRick Deutsch

Room assignment when you land a speaking job on cruise ships

You will get a free cruise for two when you get an enrichment or destination speaking gig. But where will you stay? Each line is different so there is no general rule. Remember, you travel on a Space Available basis. The line is more interested in gaining revenue that keeping you living in high style. They are very considerate of speakers, however. In my career, I have been treated very well. I have never had an inside cabin. I have been given a porthole.

Speakers get nice rooms

Speakers get nice rooms

Your room doesn’t really matter, as you are only sleeping in it. On several high end lines, there are no inside cabins. And many are suites only. Try to get a job on those! I once had a 300 sq ft suite all to myself. I traveled alone and loved it. That was with two HD TV sets and a bathtub. One line even had a butler for every 4 rooms! A call on the tele and I could get a bowl of popcorn sent up.

Usually you will not get the choice rooms – upper deck middle. No, plan on a forward (or rear) room down low. Yes, you will feel most of the ship motion; better you than a paying guest. Some lines will indeed put you into an inside room or even in what they call “Crew.” In general, you are not allowed in the crew parts of the ship. It’s kinda like Disneyland where the staff can let down their down hair in private.


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