Rewrite Your Stuff … Again! | Highly Effective Habits of Cruise Ship Lecturers

ByBill Belew

Rewrite Your Stuff … Again! | Highly Effective Habits of Cruise Ship Lecturers

Highly Effective Habits of Professional Speaker

Highly Effective Habits of Professional Speaker

I hate to reread my stuff. It’s like listening to a recording of myself.

All great speakers will have written out, or at least spoken out loud their talk many times over … until they get it right.

I write for an online journal in my other life as a Social Media Marketer. I can spend hours on an article that took me minutes to write (maybe 30 minutes or so). I will do a writing dump to get everything down. I let it sit for a couple of days then reread and rewrite it. I wait another couple of days and do it again. The day before I submit it I repeat the process making even more adjustments.

Once I get feedback from my editor, I do it yet again … then hit submit.

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Something that took me 30-45 minutes to say, or in this case write, I spent another 4-5 hours working, massaging, until I had it just the way I wanted.

The same works for talks. A good speaker should be saying out loud – an hour per minute? what they plan to say.

Thankfully once a talk is prepared and delivered it doesn’t take that long to massage it each time it is given.

The reason = the talk becomes a habit.

Time to go to the next talk.

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