Real world problem fix while speaking on a ship

ByRick Deutsch

Real world problem fix while speaking on a ship


I wasn’t even a Boy Scout, but being prepared saved my bacon on a recent cruise. It was along one. Four sea days to Hawaii, four to Ensenada and then to San Francisco. I wanted it since there was no air travel required from our San Jose estate.

I knew I’d have a lot of time to kill, even though I signed up to give nine talks. Yes – 9. I write my talks on a windows Lenovo laptop.  I always load a flash drive with all my talks – just in case.  On this trip I brought my MacBook also. I planned to edit some videos while staring at the Pacific.

My first talk with the windows machine went fine. Audio and film clips worked. PowerPoint was flawless. Good.

That night, however, the darn machine kept freezing up. Just the little spinning blue cheerio. Nothing worked. Frozen, man, frozen.

I had to turn it off and force shut down.  Then I booted it up again. And it froze again. Oh, about 5 tries later – nada.

While setting up for my next talk, the techies offered me their laptop so I could use my flash drive. Great. But in the 5 minutes I had before show time, I paged through the slides and it would not go beyond #19.  (Out of 60).

Tried again – no go.

So I pulled out my Apple and we set it up  – tick tick tick. Already 5 minutes late. The talk came up fine but I needed sound. No go.  10 minutes late – I told the tech “screw it – I won’t use audio.

And the talk went on. I pulled it off.

Whew. Lucky me – 1. That I brought the MacBook. 2. That I had all my talks on the memory stick. 3. That I brought the Apple to my talk in a large theater.  No, I did not trust the windows machine again.  I emailed my repair shop that JUST got rid of malware and bitched.

My wife played around and told me she closed it in”safe” mode. Huh? I have no idea how to do that. BUT, it worked. But I did not trust it for my talks. I’m typing this on the Lenovo. The computer shop will work on it.

Moral:  Be prepared!!   Learn this lesson, my friends. I guess I will now start bringing my two laptops. What a pain.

I hate computers!!



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