A Puerto Rico cruise in your cards?

ByRick Deutsch

A Puerto Rico cruise in your cards?

Seems we always want to “get away” to a foreign land. Different language, different money and the hussle hussle of vendors selling you everything “authentically” made in China.

I thought about this…. Hey, why not Puerto Rico?  My gosh, it’s part of the USA. Everything will be the same – but different enough to make it fun.


Puerto Rico -warm & inviting

Puerto Rico -warm & inviting

Think about it. WARM year round weather. Check. Same money. Check. Same language. Check. (they also can speak Spanish) Great beaches, Check, Clear water, check, and friendly faces on this US territory. They LOVE Americans!!  Duh.

I have a buddy from there. He alerted me to the fun I could have there. If you are speaker – or any passenger for that matter, you can arrive in PR, days before your cruise and enjoy the sights. I’d scuba. It supposed to be great there. Still semi-virgin coral.

Seriously, give this some thought. Did you know that the # of cruise ships going there has gone up in the past three years? Almost 200K passengers came in July and August, up 30% from 2013 and a shocking  135% from 2012.

The government is expanding a pier to squeeze in the Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas. 6,000 passengers – cha ching $$.

Be part of the cruise ship culture. Keep reading these interesting snippets. We have the time to dig them up – you work hard; keep doing it to get us out of the recession!


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