Impress your audience – dress for success

ByRick Deutsch

Impress your audience – dress for success

Dress for success – should be the mantra of cruise ship speakers. You only get one chance to  make a good impression. Look sharp. On the ship, you will be a celebrity. Your bio and talk topics will elevate you in the eyes of the passengers.  You need to look the part.

So what to wear? Most ships are relaxing on the “dress codes,” but may not apply to you when speaking. You may have a few approved ways to dress on various days of the week.

Guiding rule: “Dress better than the guests.” 

Around the ship – The term is “Active resort wear:” NOT jeans, tank tops, cut-off “short shorts,” etc.

Presentation clothes

Ladies: Ima guy, so you decide what is appropriate. Generally a pantsuit, or dress.

Men: Wear a coat and tie. A blazer with a dress shirt works also.

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Evening Attire – There may be a few notices on what all on board are expected to wear

  1. “Resort Casual”

    – Ladies: dresses, sundresses, pantsuits.

– Men: slacks, sport shirt; Polo shirt, no tie, jacket optional.

  1. “Informal”

– Ladies: dress or pantsuit

– Men: sports jacket and tie

  1. “Formal”

– Ladies: evening gown or cocktail dress

– Men: tuxedo or dark business suit

Monkey in a tux

A tuxedo is losing favor on cruise ships

Many ships are scrapping formal nights….people just don’t want them. I bought a tux when I started all this…but it weighs about 12 pounds with the shoes and all the accessories. It stays home now waiting for a wedding.  Instead, the same dark blue suit I bring is perfect for talks or an occasional formal night. My wife hates to dress up, so often we skip the dinner and just eat at the hamburger bar.

That the blog for this week. Comments?

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