Professional Speakers need to record their talks – Get a digital recorder

ByRick Deutsch

Professional Speakers need to record their talks – Get a digital recorder

How well do you speak? Do you say “uh, uh” a lot? Do you mangle words?  Do you pause enough? How would you know?  The best is to record your voice and listen to yourself over and over and over. You can correct those  little flaws once you hear them in the third person.

I suggest you get a free standing small digital recorder with a direct USB connection. But don’t you have a smart phone with a built in recorder? Right. With a ton of apps that you have to plow through to get to the recording function. With  dedicated recorder in your Pearl Harbor Kit, you can put the device right on the podium and capture your melodious voice.

Step 2 is to download it to your PC, so you can share it and get reviews. I have found that it’s a pain to carry a cord to download to my PC. Thus you need to get one with a built-in USB “plug.” We are not talking expensive here. Hey, it’s YOUR career. I have an Olympus WS-801 Voice Recorder.

Olympus has been making reliable units for decades. they are small with an intuitive user interface. Less than $60 on Amazon.  If you browse you will see many units in the $150++ range. They are not needed.  I really like that the WS801 also features a jack for an external mic. Hook one up and you can do interviews “on the floor” to add to your podcasts or blogs.

Other neat features of the WS-801: Noise cancelling,  MP3 and WMA recording, 2GB memory for 512 hours of record time. All this on one AAA battery. Come to our next MeetUp and see mine!


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