How the professional cruise ship speaker can become more riveting

ByBill Belew

How the professional cruise ship speaker can become more riveting

More riveting … this is one of the skills that a group of National Speaker Association members came up with as a desirable trait that is needed for the on stage professional.

How do you become a more riveting speaker?

The answer lies in the story and the impact the message could have on the listeners.

I watched a Ted talk not long ago and though riveting might be a bit strong, I was thoroughly engaged with the speaker AND his topic which I had no interest in going in.

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He was talking about data mining and visually displaying the results.

From his accent you could tell that English was not his first language. But the presenter was totally in love with his topic and the slides/graphs he had behind him … which were not particularly great … but still really cool.

The topic was a yawner … can’t quite remember what it was. Population growth and wealth distribution I think.

But I remember the speaker loved his topic. You could hear it in his voice. He seldom looked up because his stats and how he presented them were more entrancing to him. Besides, nobody’s eyes were fixed on him, the listeners were wondering what was going to happen next … on the slides! = Riveting.

Riveting is being in love with your topic and keeping your listeners so engaged they can’t wait to see/hear what is next.

Watch the Ted talk and tell me if I am right or wrong.


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