Be productive on your international flights. | A few private hours can get your to-do list done!

ByRick Deutsch

Be productive on your international flights. | A few private hours can get your to-do list done!

As a speaker you need to be ready to take L O N G flights to meet up with your ship. It’s easy to kick back and snooze or read a book for the 10 hour flight to Athens.

I suggest you don’t sleep to much (Unless it’s a read-eye) or watch movies that are “airline” bad….well, they ARE on airlines after all. If you can, get an upgrade seat in coach that will let your laptop open wide.

I am writing this on an AeroMexico flight to Chili. Yes, another free cruise.

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Gmail offline – in the APPS box

My first recommendation. Get GMAIL. It is https – very secure to keep those Eastern Europeans out of your knickers.  I realize that Google knows everything we’ve ever done…but at some point, you gotta cave. They have so many useful tools that it’s hard to live in a Google-free world.

SEE – Rome is a great destination

Gmail has the best spam blocker. If you get a spam email….that link is sent to all other Gmail accounts to block it for them also!  They are put in your spam folder waiting your final decision to trash them. I scan them but rarely find one that is a false positive. I know folks with other accounts – well, Yahoo and EarthLink are two – that say they get over 40 bogus emails in their inbox daily.

The other advantage is you can invoke “Gmail off-line.” With this free tool, you can read old emails and reply or send new ones on the plane when you are disconnected.  They are cached and blasted out when you are next connected. At that time, your incoming messages are zipped into your off-line “in” box. Neato torpedo. You can disconnect and read/answer at your convenience. This saves a lot of $$$ since you are off line most of the time.

Google Drive and Docs allow you to send huge files (PowerPoints) that don’t crank out bit at a time. I’ve gotten away form Dropbox.   It;s more hassle than DRIVE, and easy for the other person to open.

On a cruise ship you may be paying 75-cents a minute for internet. That bites the big one. In our seminar class, we show you how to (maybe) get it way cheaper.



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