Preparation for Speaking on Cruise ships pays off

ByRick Deutsch

Preparation for Speaking on Cruise ships pays off

I just back from a free cruise from Montreal to NYC. It’s called the fall colors voyage. But it should be the pre-winter cruise. VERY cold up north. Wife loved it.

One thing I harp about is for you to bring a Euro to US power converter. NOT a voltage one but just the male plug that goes into the outlet.

Euro to US plug adaptor

Euro to US plug adaptor

The ships are built to European standards, so they accommodate 240v plugs with the round ends. Computers and most gizmos are self sensing – or you may have to flip a switch. You will get one in your room, at your desk.

If you want to take your laptop to other places onboard, you need the adaptor. Here’s today’s tip: put an address label on it – and everything else. When I pulled my plug out of the wall, the adaptor stayed. I didn’t notice it until the next day. Luckily, I have my name on it and it was returned to me by the front desk. Whew. Prepare with those extra address labels you get.

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