Do People Get Sea Sick on Cruise Ships?

ByBill Belew

Do People Get Sea Sick on Cruise Ships?

Andrea Doria

This’ll make you sea sick

Do travelers get sick on cruise ships?

Short answer: Yes, they do.

Long answer: The bigger the ship, the less you feel the motion of the waves. But when you do feel the motion, watch out for people heading for the rails!

One thing is certain, when the behemoth cruise ships are rocking, you can be certain the seas are really rough.

I can remember as a sailor when I was on an aircraft carrier. Seldom did we feel the movement from the seas, but when we did we headed outside to the see the smaller ships that were steaming in formation with us. They would be bopping up and down likes corks.

Smaller ships – 1,000-2,000 passengers and crew are more likely to feel the movement of the seas than the larger 4,000-6,000 cruise ships.

The solution … sea sick pills BEFORE your go, and sea sick patches BEFORE the onset of the feeling. Once the weaziness kicks in, there’s not much you can do but get in the prone position and wait for the feeling to wear off.

Even so, seasickness is seldom debilitating.

I mean… who wants to go on a trip to get sick?

The cruise lines are ready for you.

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