Nautical terminology helps cruse ship lecturers navigate the ship

ByRick Deutsch

Nautical terminology helps cruse ship lecturers navigate the ship

We are continuing our education on the common terms you will hear on a ship. This helps when passengers ask you (the featured speaker) directions and insight into the ship. they think you are part crew, so get familiar with these:

"Listen, I'm the featured speaker and I'm using LEFT and RIGHT!"

“Listen, I’m the featured speaker and I’m using LEFT and RIGHT!”

“Gross registered tons/tonnage.” A measurement of enclosed passenger space, including the space in staterooms, lounges,  showrooms, and dining rooms. This does not apply to open spaces such as decks and pool areas .

GUEST CRUISE/CRUISETOUR TICKET CONTRACTDetailed terms of responsibility and accountability found in the cruise ticket.

Onboard guest services and information center that assists with guest requests and arrangements.

Commonly the ship’s steering wheel, but more correctly the entire steering apparatus consisting of the wheel and rudder and their connecting cables or hydraulic systems.

The outside shell of the ship from the main deck down to the keel.

A stateroom that does not have a porthole, window, or balcony.

The option for guests to embark and disembark a ship at specific
ports over the course of a full, scheduled cruise itinerary.

The measurement of the ship’s speed. One knot is one nautical
mile per hour.

The side of an island or ship that is sheltered from the wind.

A single bed placed at the conventional height from the floor.

In or toward the middle of the ship; the longitudinal center  portion of the ship.

A mandatory safety exercise generally held prior to setting sail in which the ship’s crew familiarize all guests with the location (muster station) where they would assemble in the unlikely event of emergency.


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