Have some multi-media in your talks to have them remember it

ByRick Deutsch

Have some multi-media in your talks to have them remember it

You have to be a good speaker to succeed on cruise ships.  But are the heads in your audience good listeners?

Do you just blab away and expect them to recall later what you covered? Do you firehose info? Do you care?  Remember, the talk should not be about YOU. Make it relevant to them.

Do you really want them to remember what your theme is?…Why you are talking to them? Better – why are they are sitting there listening to your monologue?

The value of using multi-media may not be obvious. It’s easy to slip into the rut of thinking the crowd will hang on your every word and not daydream. You can fix this. Limit yourself to just three points – three stories – three concepts.

Check the chart below. It will give you a clue as to how you should plan your talk.

Next – mix it up. Do not use bullets….talk concepts; don’t memorize. now let’s ratchet it up a bit.  Let’s see how the audience will learn from your talk.  When you have them read off the screen, they are going to remember 10%.  Engineers do that alot.  I only read quotes to give emphasis.

As you speak, it improves to 20% retention. Still not good.

Add some images -way better. We’re now up to 30%.

Toss in some video It’s easy to capture a short clip off of YouTube. I use Clip-Grab. It’s free and easy to use. If you get this far, you are probably well ahead of your current state. Check out the rest of the pyramid and get into the Active Zone. Can you imagine an audience walking away with 90% retention?

You’ll get invited back.  Clip and save this—>


the learning pyramid

Clues to how you should give presentations

Easy to see that you better get away from “just talking.” This is just a sample of the tips that we share to help you become a regular giving lectures on Cruise ships.

To learn more, send us a comment. We will even send you an e-book if you ask.

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