Life as a cruise ship steward. Hard work, but you see the world

ByRick Deutsch

Life as a cruise ship steward. Hard work, but you see the world

We recently gave you a primer on what working on a ship is like. If you don’t have a college degree, one easy job to get is as a steward. You need to know that it is often called  one of the most difficult and stressful jobs on-board,

Shipboard service

Shipboard service

If you qualify, your learning will mostly be on-the-job training. Running all day long. You will get stressed since you are a passenger-facing crew member. And yes, some passengers are butts. The job includes many different aspects of making them feel good. They spend a lot of money to be there and the line wants them to spend more AND come back.

Backstory =>  Want a job on a ship?

Some of the things you’ll be asked to do:

* When passengers board, you’ll be inside the door and smile. You will show them to their room if it’s ready…usually by 3 pm, or show them where to relax and get something to eat.

* Most ships will have strong men deliver their big suitcases to each room.

* Upon arrival at the room, go in and show them the lights and other key things.

* You may also have to keep the common areas of the ship tidy. Pick up litter, clean the windows, polish the brass.

* Memorize where things are located. You have to make sure people know where to go.

* Report any anomalies to your boss.

* As the new guy, you’ll be asked to do all the grunt work.

* Keep your spirits up. Some guest can be very demanding. Chin up!


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