Want a job on a cruise ship?

ByRick Deutsch

Want a job on a cruise ship?

Many people dream of sailing seas and seeing exotic places for free. . . simply by working on a cruise ship. Let me spend a 3 ½ minutes telling what it’s like. I’ve been speaking on ships for over 8 years and do not “work” for the lines, per se. Yes, I speak 3-4 times in 2 weeks or so, and am compensated with a free cruise for two. (You may want to think about that.)

First, what is your talent? Accounting? Finance? Hotel Management? Culinary? Wine? Cleaning? There are a lot of opportunities.

SilverSea staff in the Caribbean

SilverSea staff in the Caribbean

The lines actively recruit workers. BUT depending on what you do, there could be a wait. OK, what will you make in USD?  Minimum wage in most jobs.  Waiters, housekeepers, waiters, general cleanup, Jack – Jill of-all-trades?  Minimum. Plus tips. Luxury ships passengers tip nice…Cattle cars don’t. Lately most of the lower jobs are being held by foreigners – Eastern European, South African and Filipinos seem to dominate.  Why? Few jobs at home – even “minimum” wage.

Bar tenders, Tour work, Dancers, Entertainers, Ship’s Accountant, etc – bigger dollars, but not what you would get in Industry. Corporate Headquarters may be a better entry if you a have a degree. Then you can schmooze up the line. But you’ll generally have to live in South Florida – where most (but not all) HQ are located.

How much time off do you get to see the Vatican, Venice, Oslo, Sydney???   Well, not much. When the ship is in port, you are humping to get ready for the next day’s activities. Plan on months before you get to get a break and get to go home. Not a sweat shop, but not a kick-back “George Costanza” (Seinfeld) job.

Don’t plan on a private suite on the 11th floor either. You’ll get “crew quarters” – May 4 of you jammed into an inside cabin with bunk beds. Oh boy.

But contact the ships website and click on Employment. For a young person, it IS a way to see the world….but then, so is the US Navy.

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