How to hone your speaking skills to be accepted by cruise ship agencies

ByRick Deutsch

How to hone your speaking skills to be accepted by cruise ship agencies

As an emerging speaker, you will be spinning your wheels when beginning your quest for engagements. Let’s assume you have a captivating subject – you know it cold – it has a message that people must hear and you are a competent speaker.

But when will the gigs start coming? Believe me, we have all been there. You can spend a bucket on a publicist or a person who will find you assignments. But in the end it’s you that knows you best. You will be too poor in the beginning. A great path is by speaking on ships. Most need them. You won’t get paid, but you’ll build up credentials.

Audience with speaker

Speak for free to gain experience

Where to go? Give free talks. Yes, free. There are plenty of service clubs that host monthly lunch meetings. They are starving for speakers. Kiwanis, Lions, Elk, Women’s Clubs, etc. are all fair game. Most will compensate you with a free “rubber chicken” lunch.

The value of doing these is two-fold.
1. It’s better to speak for free than not at all. You get to practice with a live audience and refine your delivery.
2. Every audience has “fingers.” People know other people. You do a good job and you will get referrals.

One more tip. Solicit Retirement Communities in your area. They do pay a small amount from their Programs budget and you can develop regular appearances. You usually provide a “Cultural Experience” or Enrichment topics.

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Try a program like this. Grind it out. It will take time, but if you are good “build it and they will come.”

If you love to talk and know more about a subject than most anyone – share it. Give it a try then contact us for help getting you on the cruise ship circuit.

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