Future technology to help speakers | Google Glasses

ByRick Deutsch

Future technology to help speakers | Google Glasses

One reason I love living in Silicon Valley is our exposure to neat things, way before the rest of the country. I’ve seen the Google Street View car diving around; been up close to the autonomous car; and recently tried on a pair of Google Glasses. (Gee, Google seems to be at the forefront of where the world is heading!)

Google Glass willbe out soon.

Google Glass willbe out soon.

Unless you’ve been on an island eating coconuts lately, you know  what Google Glass is all about. Picture a geeky looking pair of glasses with only one small lens. It’s sits up high out of your main field of vision. The key is that when you look through the “lens” and say “OK Glass,” the tiny screen presents an image equivalent to a 25-inch HD monitor eight feet away.  Content will appear In that screen, just like you are looking at the big screen. Imagine, your entire PowerPoint can be queued up and you can give your talk with no notes whatsoever and hit every point dead on.

Sound far out? Yes. But It’s fun to keep up with what’s coming down the line.Google Glass is not available generally. The Explorer model will be the first one out of the gate. Consumer versions soon – word is by the end of 2013. Colors?  How about charcoal, cotton, shale, sky and tangerine. There are 1500 units out on “test” to early adopters. Ray-Ban is rumored to be working on a sunglasses version.

I will not get into the privacy concerns here. Yes, what to do about taking videos and stills of unsuspecting people. Like stalking – kinda creepy.

SpeakOnCruises is headquartered right here in Silicon Valley. Give us a shout when you are in town and we’ll take you by Google.

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