How to get FREE excursions on Cruise ships | No guarantees

ByRick Deutsch

How to get FREE excursions on Cruise ships | No guarantees

If you are on a voyage, you will experience the opportunity to take tours in the ports you are landing at. That’s why people go on cruises. Yes, the food is good, the on-board activities keep you busy, the shows are entertaining and the swimming pools are wet. But you go for the tours.

Rain forest

Take the Rain Forest tour – Maybe for FREE

Passengers can pay good money to take local tours. We’re talking anywhere from $25 for a walking tour of an old village, to maybe $125 for a bus to a castle, to thousands for a flight to an archaeological site or glacier. Besides the cost of the ride on the boat, bills for excursions can run near $1,000 per person.

We’ve been on cruises and there is a way to actually get to go on a tour for free. How to do it? Well, first you have to be a lecturer. We’ve been sailing and speaking for nearly ten years. We figured out the game.

We can show you how you could easily save the $1,000 the guy who rooms next door to you pays. Really. Take our class. Become a cruise ship speaker. See the HIREUS page.

Knowledge is good. We want to share and do a Vulcan Mind Meld with you. We open the kimono and don’t hold back.

Just do it!!! You won’t get wet until you jump into the pool.


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