Another ship terminology lesson for speakers

ByRick Deutsch

Another ship terminology lesson for speakers

Another lesson for cruise ship speakers on the terminology used on ships. Enjoy!

"Sat mates, what's your GMT?"

“Say mates, what’s your cargo?”

OPEN SEATING Free access to unoccupied tables in the ship’s restaurant, as opposed to specific table assignments. OCEAN VIEW STATEROOM An outside stateroom with a large porthole or window. OCEAN VIEW STATEROOM WITH VERANDA An outside stateroom with a veranda (balcony). PORT The left side of the ship when facing forward. PORT CHARGE An assessment which also includes port taxes, collected by the cruise line and paid to a local government authority. PORT-OF-CALL A port at which the ship anchors and guests are allowed to disembark and visit the area. PORT TAX A charge levied by a local government authority to be paid by the guest. In some air/sea packages, port taxes are included in the final price. ROLL A side-to-side movement of the ship. SAILING TIME The actual hour at which the ship is scheduled to depart the dock and set sail. SEA & STAY A package allowing guests to spend one, two or three nights exploring their departure or arrival port. SECOND SEATING The later of two meal times in the ship’s main restaurant. SHORE EXCURSION Off-the-ship tours at ports of call (an extra charge normally applies). STARBOARD The right side of the ship when facing forward. STATEROOM A guest’s room, cabin, or personal accommodation. STERN The back end of the ship. TENDER A small boat used to transport guests from the ship to the shore. Tenders are used when the harbor is not deep enough for the ship to dock. TRANSFERS Conveyances or transportation between the ship and other locations, such as airports, hotels, or departure points for shore excursions. UPGRADE A change in stateroom assignment to a higher category. WAKE The track left in the water at the stern created when the ship is underway or in motion. WINDWARD The side of an island or ship against which the wind is blowing.

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