Filming your lecture on a Cruise ship | Pearl Harbor Kit

ByRick Deutsch

Filming your lecture on a Cruise ship | Pearl Harbor Kit

Most cruise lines will not give speakers copies of your talks. Your cruise ship speakers agency of choice will fill you in on those fine points.

High end lines, such as Crystal, often record them for playback in guest rooms. But most of the technical staff are just too busy to make copies for speakers. But it’s still critical to film yourself. In addition to an audio recorder, it’s a good idea to also pack a digital camera that can film HD. 1080 p is overkill. Very few devices can play it and it sucks up memory. When shopping, don’t get wooed by high megapixel ratings. Unless you are blowing up posters, a camera in the 3-5 MP range is all you need.  I have a best selling book and the pix are all at 3MP.

Don’t depend on your smart phone. They are like trying to jam everything into a small box. IPhone or Android devices don’t come close to real cameras. A good zoom is important as are ISO and Best Photo settings. Real cameras have strong flash units and accommodate for back-light etc.

I do not recommend large SLR cameras.They are like hauling a brick around your neck. A credit card, point and shoot is perfect for this application. I have used CASIO for over 15 years. Loved them and went thru about five over the years. But I don’t see them much anymore. I heard that they gave up because of the growing popularity of Smart Phones. Too bad.

My recommendation?? I really like the Nikon COOLPIX L620.

While it’s 16 MP (overkill), I love that is has a14x optical zoom and can take FULL HD video and in stereo. Very nice for less than $130. It uses 2 AA batteries which can easily be replaced on the fly instead of having to lug a charger around. Vibration reduction and 18 Scene Modes round it out.

Take a look at the L620 from Nikon.


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