Where is your favorite cruise destination? | Egypt is mine, hands down

ByRick Deutsch

Where is your favorite cruise destination? | Egypt is mine, hands down

Your personal bucket list needs to be written down. If not, you will continue to point at your head and say… “It’s on my list.” No, how many of us can’t even remember why we walked into a room?  Your brain is cluttered with inputs every second of every day. You magic list is going to get shoved into the back room over time. Years pass and still you say  “Someday I’m going to get to XXXX.”

If you write it down you will see it often. I made mine 25 years ago and carried every at work. It sat in the back of a spiral binder. I’d doodle on it during boring meetings, spill peanut butter on it, but I’d dream about those must-see before I kick the bucket.

Ancient Egypt amazes

Ancient Egypt amazes

Ancient Egypt fascinated me from the first trip – a business trip of all things – decades ago. After a trade show, three of us hired a taxi driver for $60 a day and set out. We saw the Museum of Antiquities, the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Mohammed Ali Mosque (no relation to the boxer), the City of the Dead, the Grand Bazaar, Memphis, Saqquara and I could go on and on.

We flew to Luxor and repeated the exercise for two days down there. Temples galore and the Valley of the Kings…as in King Tut.

When I got home I got several books and videos all about everything Egypt. I took a college level class on Ancient Egypt. I needed to decide if I wanted to be an amateur Egyptologist or just learn enough to give talks on Cruise ships. I did the latter.

Pick a place, get trained on how to get free cruises (we come in here) and start checking off your Bucket List.


PS – I’ve been back twice more – on free cruises!!

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