Five ways to ensure you get invited back to speak on a cruise ship

ByRick Deutsch

Five ways to ensure you get invited back to speak on a cruise ship

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Look like professional speaker

Speaking on world class cruise ships is a good gig.  Not everyone has the ability to do it. You need to know more about your topic than most other people. You can’t just read a book and claim to have credentials.

At SpeakOnCruises, we can help you with the imposing task of getting selected. Since you found us, we trust you have been through the website and read the blogs. We hold nothing back. OK, enough of the sales job.

Tips on getting your speaker-breathing technique

Once you are a bona-fide speaker with an assignment, here are five ways you can get follow up assignments. You need to impress you agent with your professionalism and out-right ability. On most ships, you will get rated by all passengers. I think this is very unfair. On a ship with 2,000+ guests, they ALL will rate you (along with the matre’d, housekeeper, waiter, the ventriloquist and the other functions. Seems like only people who heard you should “vote.” You better get an 8 out of 10 or your feedback from the ship to the agency will not be stellar. And surprise, even though the Cruise Director never heard you talk, he (I’ve never heard of a she CD), will give his comments about you to the home office Entertainment Dept.

Get your pencil out:

  1. Dress like you are a professional. You only get one chance to make a first impression. People will assume you are worthy of their time. Many will like you if you look sharp….like me:>)
  1. Be confident – KNOW your subject matter. Do not stumble looking for the words. Do not rely on notes. None. Own your subject and own the stage. You are a celebrity. Oprah knows her stuff. Be a celebrity. The guests will think you are.
  1. Have high quality images to support your talk. I ONLY use images. They are essential. Let the audience LOOK at pictures. They do not want a college class – B O R I N G. Bullets – NO! Ever hear of “Death by PowerPoint?” – That doesn’t actually mean Microsoft {PowerPoint. I like it and most ships require that you use some presentation software. PowerPoint is the grand daddy of them all.
  1. Talk slowly and clearly. Pause. No odd acronyms. Develop your talk was if you are giving it to your grandmother. That just might be the age of your audience. KISS – Keep it simple, stupid!
  1. Wrap up your talk on a high note. There needs to be a “punch line” that wraps up your talk….you know – a “take away.” Get off the stage in the time assigned. That seems to be more important than you r actual talk. You don’t want to keep your audience from bingo or their next activity. AND whoever follows you in the room will bark to the CD if you run over into their time.

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