What does an Enrichment Speaker do on a Cruise Ship?

ByRick Deutsch

What does an Enrichment Speaker do on a Cruise Ship?

First, an update on what’s going on in Venice. To try and reduce the number of people entering “downtown” Venice, the Mayor put up turnstiles. The locals tore them down – they do not want to be sectored in. The tourist crush is out of control READ more.

Venice entry

Turnstiles – what’s next, badges or arm tattoos?

The purpose of enrichment speakers is to enhance the cruise experience for the passengers, whether it’s highlighting a specific region or providing informative material of a more specific topic like forensics or oceanography.

As an enrichment speaker you will provide a series of talks related to your area of expertise. Each talk should be approximately 45 minutes duration, including 5-10 minutes Q&A post-talk. You should expect to speak on every sea day and possibly on long port days or overnights.

Storytelling on Cruise Ships

Storytelling on Cruise Ships

In exchange for your ‘work’ on board you will be provided  double-occupancy cruise ship accommodations (one stateroom to share with one person) and other various amenities and discounts not available to regular passengers. To facilitate this experience for you, agencies charge an administrative fee that varies by cruise brand, but ranges from $50-$100 per night. This fee includes your on board stateroom, port charges, all meals on board in the main dining room and you can bring a guest to travel with you for no additional charge.

Talks must be PowerPoint driven and  FUN.  Nothing soft – but interesting. YOU are the expert and need to deliver the goods. We can show you how. Read through the website and give us a shout.


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