Dry run your talk; make sure everything works

ByRick Deutsch

Dry run your talk; make sure everything works

The audio video department will assign a person to handle your on-stage lecture. This means they control the lights, sound and action. You must coordinate with him/her as to any peculiarities. Do this the day before. Learn his/her name. Tell them abut your performance. Do you walk around a lot? They need to keep the spotlight on you. You need to make sure they do not read a paper during your talk.

Dry run our talk - meet the technician

Dry run our talk – meet the technician

Sound is very key. You could be delivering Moses message from the Mount, but if they can’t hear you, they would not hear about the 15 commandments….check that – the 10 commandments.

My experience is to use the over-head type. Like Madonna uses. It sits right in front or to the side s the sound is crisp. You’ll need to do a sound check to make sure it all works.

Also, run through your slides to see how they look on the screen. You need t make sure the lights will be dimmed and any curtains closed. A check to make sure any ship “background” music is off and that there is not an exercise class going on next door.

It’s the little things that make you a superstar speaker. Be one.

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