Don’t plan on excessive medical care on board Cruise ships

ByRick Deutsch

Don’t plan on excessive medical care on board Cruise ships

If you agree to be a speaker on cruise ships, I advise you to make sure your insurance is up to date. In fact, many lines require that they see a copy of your medical insurance card.

Medicare travelers – make sure your Part B Supplemental covers you internationally.  A new requirement that is rolling out is a policy that covers evacuations.

If you become very ill, you may have to be helicoptered to a land based hospital. There have been several examples this year. A simple chopper evacuation can cost nearly $20,000. Then you may be in a foreign country with unknown skills. How do y ou get home?  The ships usually on carry General Practitioner who may only know how to help with basic ills. Others may actually have basic operating capability.

I recently had an eye problem and the Dr. admitted he knew little of the eye. He did look in to check things out. Most doctors get free cruise by being in the medical center. Plus it’s only open day hours….don’t get sick at midnight!

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Some ships have the basic drugs that older passengers need. Blood pressure reducers, for example. But check and double check that you pack enough meds. Each cruise line is different – some even charge for band-aids. You may want to add some basic first-aid products.
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