Determine Mission | 24 Steps to Creating the Perfect Presentation

ByBill Belew

Determine Mission | 24 Steps to Creating the Perfect Presentation

Perfect Cruise Ship Presentations

Perfect Cruise Ship Presentations

Passion is overrated. Important? Absolutely. But still over-emphasized.

Passion is a great motivator. But sometimes the fires dwindle, flicker and even go out.

Try not eating for a day or two or three. Hunger pains don’t go away. When/if your family depends on you to feed them, you will find a driving motivation that will trump and outperform passion.

Resolve. Abraham Lincoln said something to the effect that nothing will beat an individual’s resolve to see something through.

There is no other reason to do, finish, deliver something than because it is determined to be done so.

Mission. I think this might be the strongest motivator of all.

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What difference must you make in this life? What is your purpose in life?

If you don’t know, you will/must fall back on resolve, hunger or passion.

When you do feel like you have a mission in life, you will find yourself, eating, sleeping and dreaming about that mission. It will wake you up at night and distract you when you are talking to someone.

You will ache to get on stage and share in whatever platform is offered up to you.

And your listeners will know how badly you wanted to be there.

Find a mission, your mission and you will see the level of your presentations take a huge leap.

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