Dear Rick – What topics can I talk about to get a free cruise? I need help.

ByRick Deutsch

Dear Rick – What topics can I talk about to get a free cruise? I need help.

What is your passion? What do you do in your fun time? What makes you jump out of bed and greet the day with a smile? Many people identify themselves by their job. I’m an accountant. I’m a plumber. So? Can you tell stories? Can you turn a mundane topic into an interesting session? What do you LOVE? What do you know more about than most other people? Are you an expert at something – anything?

Animals are unafraid on Galapagos

Can you talk about birds?

You’ll never know unless you try. We have a client – a graduate – who is a chemist. He knows the bonding structure of the components of chocolate. A Stanford grad. Sound boring? That’s what I thought. He went though our program, but he did not have a YouTube of him giving a live talk. This is a mandatory element of the agency application process. So I filmed him on campus.

I learned so much in that time than I ever thought I would care about. It was a fun day. He went through the history of chocolate, the process of making it – the best topic – why it is good for you. Repeat: Why Chocolate is GOOD for you. Yeah!!

At the end he had a drawing for a box of a nice brand. Cool.

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So Karen, what think you? Let us help you develop your talks. If I can boast a bit, we are good at it.

Drop us a line and let’s put the pedal to the metal.

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