When cruise staff mingles with passengers it’s good for business

ByRick Deutsch

When cruise staff mingles with passengers it’s good for business

When you are a lecturer on a cruise ship, the job is more than just talking for your assigned 45 minutes then heading to the pool.  You will be thought of as a ship employee – you are not, but most people have no idea.  You often wear a namebadge and you dress nice.

Remember this as you take an assignment. The cruise line wants to put their best image out on display. Always defer to passengers.  If there is a line, let them go ahead. an exception is for meals. You’d never get in if you stepped back.

Next, after you give your award-worthy talk, hang around….but outside the venue. Many of those folks want to head out to their next activity. AND the room might be needed for something else. That leaves 15 minutes for each of those things to happen.  DO NOT “give more” by talking extra. You will get to walk the plank!

Men talking

Meet with guests after your talk.

If, after your talk, you have time and the coast is clear for extra facetime, hang around and meet your audience. Many will be enthralled with your subject and want a piece of you. You’ll get some good questions…and, sorry some dumb ones.

Often, some will tell you that you did not cover their favorite topic in your talk.  Yes, it happens. I tell them – you are right — that’s a great subject, but I;m only given 45 minutes and cannot cover everything.

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By mingling with guests you will develop a small groupie following which is good for your success on board.

Got a question or comment? – talk to us!  If you have not taken our class…why are you here?

Sail for free. Give presentations. I’m going soon to South America…wife too…free!

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