Cruise speakers need to be at the top of their game

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise speakers need to be at the top of their game

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Bill Belew is a recognized cruise ship speaker

Bill Belew, cruise ship speaker


SpeakOnCruises is not an agency nor are we related to any cruise line. We provide prospective speakers with the tools they need to get assignments as lecturers on some of the finest cruises ships sailing to exotic ports.

In Addition to nationally known authorities on a variety of impacting topics, the lines also will host “normal people” on their programs. You don’t have to be a retired general, sports star or celebrity. If you can deliver 45-minute talks that are fun and informative to people on vacation, you may be able to be rewarded with a free cruise for two.

If you  have lived abroad, you might be considered for a Destination Speaker slot. But you need to know the history, culture and inside information about all the ports the ship is stopping at. We’re talking MORE than the guidebooks. Most passengers have read those and they wont more “insider” information.

Special Interest lecturers talk about enriching topics. These can range from Feng Shui to Oceanography – or your particular passion. You need to know more about your topic than most others.

Sound up your alley? We at SpeakOnCruises specialize in giving neophytes the training to succeed with the agencies that solicit talent.  Your reading of these blogs is a good first step. Contact us to continue the process.

Talk to ou soon.


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