Cruise Speakers are mini-celebrities | Passengers admire you!

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise Speakers are mini-celebrities | Passengers admire you!


Celebrity status

Celebrity status

When you are on stage on a cruise ship you give a 45-minute talk. Many of the passengers are in awe of what you have to say. You look and sound authoritative. To them, you ARE a celebrity.

A recent article in “Longread” said that a rock group was really making it. “I wanted to be Metallica when I grew up,” said Brandon Rittenhouse of Hillsborough, NC . Currently, he makes a living playing guitar and bass on cruise ships. He loves it. “It’s exactly like being a rockstar. The passengers think you’re a god.”

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How does a rock group like “Blue Avenue” get jobs on board ships?  Rittenhouse continues: “Depending on who you talk to, there are a few ways of getting booked to play a cruise ship as a performer. There are various agencies that book talent on all of the major cruise lines and hotel chains. To get signed to an agency, you have to audition. From there, you’re matched with a ship, and hop on. For smaller cruise lines, the process is less regimented, consisting of auditions and rehearsals.”

They have landed gigs on high end ships like Oceania Regatta as well as huge ones like Royal Caribbean. They can play for six months.  Speakers assignments are not as rigorous, but the speaker is truly a celebrity – not exactly a god, but maybe on his right side!
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