Cruise ship Speaking Enrichment Topic: Memoir Writing

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise ship Speaking Enrichment Topic: Memoir Writing

Writing on a ship can be fun

Writing on a ship can be fun

If you’ve ever thought about writing the story of your life, here’s your opportunity. Many cruise lines offer memoir writing as one of their activities. You’ll learn everything from how to focus and organize your memoir to how to edit it yourself and find a publisher.

In addition to one-on-one coaching throughout the trip, you’ll be able to get your document reviewed and a seasoned writer will critique your manuscript. If you’ve been thinking about your legacy or if your family has been bugging you to “write this stuff down!” for years, don’t miss this chance to finally get started. As a speaker you are usually able to partake in the offerings. The one caveat is that you can only be in the class Space Available. Odds are good that a slot or two will open up, so try and get in. There are limited seats, so that makes sense.

Often, the teacher is permitted to coach for fee after the class presentation is done. The rates are about what they charge at home.

A good read => Tuxedos needed?

Your sessions will be an hour on a PC, provided by the cruise line. Few do cursive on paper anymore. In fact, in time, the children of today will not even know what that is – many schools are not teaching it. Another aspect is that other classmates can critique your material if you want. This is good to get another set of eyes. If you do a real good job, you may even get published. Contacts are very useful.

I’ve bugged one of my sister’s to write about the wacky things she has done. Seems she’s the one that has funny stuff happen. For example, on a Hawaii vacation, she packed up the family for the flight home. When they arrived at the airport ready to board, the gate agent told them their tickets were for the next day… AARRGGHH. That would be just one entry in her memoir.

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