Cruise ship speakers: Pack your 50 pounds and that’s all!

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise ship speakers: Pack your 50 pounds and that’s all!

Cruise ship speakers pack wisely

Cruise ship speakers pack wisely

In this era of “nickel-dime” airline fees, the big elephant is the 50 pounds they allow for one bag – plus you get to pay for it. Go over and it’s more green out of your wallet.  Here’s some tips from a seasoned cruise ship speaker.

I used to use a giant Briggs & Riley roller suitcase. It’s huge and I could carry anything my heart desired. BUT, the bigger the bag, the more  that’s thrown in. I recalled that I also have an Eagle Creek duffle bag. It’s long and also has wheels. The big difference is that it’s 6 pounds lighter. I have a “pull up” hand scale to check the weight of my bags to be sure I’m under 50 pounds. When I pulled up my empty B&R It weighs 12 pound. The duffle is 5. Really. So that’s another 7 pounds of stuff I could carry just by switching bags. Now I don’t hesitate to bring the tuxedo.

A no brainer. I now use the Eagle Creek for cruises. I also bought Eagle creek suitcase bags (dunno the real name). You neatly fold your shirts and pants and put them in these small  and light cases. I arrived with NO ironing needed. Then you can put your other necessities into the duffle. Not pretty , but it works.

The next thing I do is to get a small rollaway and put all my and my wife’s shoes into it. That comes with me as a carry-on.  I then also use a light backpack to carry my laptop, power supply, camera and other valuables as my “2nd item.”

The backpack hides that I have a PC. You have to be careful as it doesn’t provide much shock protection. While at the airport on layovers, I just get out my 3-way power adaptor and share the hard-to-find AC outlet with others. See “related” for info on that. 

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