Cruise ship speakers: try for crew rates on the Internet | This amenity can be costly

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise ship speakers: try for crew rates on the Internet | This amenity can be costly

Speakers can keep in touch via wifi

Speakers can keep in touch via wifi

While you are not giving lectures on board fine cruise ships, you will have plenty of time to communicate back home. I recommend bringing your laptop. Seems tablets work OK, but I don’t want to risk it. A laptop powered by an Intel i5 will keep you up and running. Tip – you will have only 1 American 110 volt outlet in your room. The ships are built to European Standards and they have the 2 circular prongs. Plus they are 220 volts. All PC’s and electronic devices either run on either –or- there is a switch to convert. It’s more fun to leave your room and sit up in a lounge – with the proper adaptor.

See what the adaptor looks like, and where to get one

A big complaint I have is the cost of internet – wifi. It is really slow since the signal usually comes down from a satellite. The speed will be like you remember when you were dialing in to get connected. Don’t plan on any streaming or Skype. There just is not enough bandwidth.

Now the bad news – internet access is VERY expensive – no, it’s a rip off. I have been on ships where guests were paying 75 cents a minute. YIKES. Of course, to dull the pain, you can buy blocks of $100 and $200.  Most people don’t have a clue and they are 2-finger typing to their grandkids back home. . .  with the meter running.

My advice to you speakers out there is to try to get “crew” rates. Yes – the staff and workers get a special rate. The same ship that was $.75/minute for the passengers was 10 cents for crew. How do you get it? ASK. It’s best to ask your agent to coordinate with the ship to get you on the approved list. If you wait until you are onboard, it may be too late. The home office controls this.

Two more bonus tips:  pre-write your words with a text editor, then just copy-paste when you are on-line. Also use the iNET very late at night. It will not be as slow.  Of course, you can skip it and just follow the crew in town to find a real cheap internet café.

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