How the cruise ship speaker can assemble a good marketing team

ByBill Belew

How the cruise ship speaker can assemble a good marketing team

Cruise Ship Speaker - Belew

Cruise Ship Speaker – Belew

In a previous article on marketing teams for cruise ship speakers I listed up:

Elements of a good marketing team:

1. A good product.

2. A good project manager.

3. A closer.

4. A good admin.

5. A good gopher.

Too often all five of these are done by 3 people – me, myself and I. Or by two people. A husband and wife team.

There’s another way to get a good team together, but it ain’t easy.

My team came from my students.

I do/did a lot of speaking where I just sucked it up and did all my own booking, managing, creative thinking, collecting and and and …

But in that course of time, provided you are good enough and I am, you gain a following. And from that following you can get ‘super fans’ for lack of a better word.

Those super fans make for great team members provided they are available and interested and, this is a big AND, if you don’t have any money, they are willing to work on a commission basis or revenue share.

This is what I did. My project manager was a student. My closer is a client/student. Both of them feel so strongly about what I have taught them that they wanted to work with me even they got paid by the results they generated. No results, no money.

My admin is my wife. My gopher is an online service … Taskrabbit and Fiverr. I tap into them as needed.

And voila’ I have my team.

How about you? How did you build your team?


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