Cruise Ship Lecturers Need to Get Out of Their Comfort Zones, Too

ByBill Belew

Cruise Ship Lecturers Need to Get Out of Their Comfort Zones, Too

Wow Factor

Wow Factor

I am funny. Not funny ha ha, but peculiar funny. Strange funny.  Okay, I do make people laugh sometimes. But that’s not the point.

On a cruise ship, the lecturer is there for entertainment. Give information. Make it interesting. Don’t try to change people’s lives. Most of them have lived a full life and they just want to chill. Pass the time. Do something else till bingo starts besides eat, read or sleep.

Nobody expects the cruise ship lecturer to be dazzling, awe-inspiring. amazing, titillating, riveting, mesmerizing, fascinating, entrancing, spellbinding, gripping (I am getting carried away) except for maybe, well, um, me.

I think one of the coolest and most impressionable happenings is the one that comes out of nowhere.

Like when the guy you least expect to hit the home run, make the tackle, plunk in the shot does.

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Or when the singer in a minor role wows the audience.

My son was in a swim race once. He was the last one by time to make it into the final. And everyone, I mean EVERY one was talking about the swimmer in the middle with the best time and the most promise. All eyes were on the center lane. Thirty some odd seconds later, the swimmer in the center, the fastest by seed came in second. The guy on the end, from out of nowhere (my son) won the race. Everyone was stunned. Silence. Because of the unexpectedness.

When people fill out there evaluations at the end of a cruise, I don’t want just 8s, 9s and 10s. I want 10s and comments like, “I was not expecting the cruise ship lecture to be that good.” “Snorkeling in the Caribbean. Hiking the Great Wall. The cruise ship lecture was the most unforgettable memory for me.”

That kind of response will never happen if the lecturer just wants to do his thing and sit down.

The speaker needs to be willing to step way out of their comfort zone, take a chance and score big time to get big results.

What do you think?


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