Cruise excursions are why people sail | Speakers can get free tours

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise excursions are why people sail | Speakers can get free tours

During our Option 1 Seminar, we at SpeakOnCruises tell clients about how they can possibly get a free excursion. Basically, you herd kittens on the bus. This can be worth lots of money – since you plan to take the tours anyway.

Escorting a tour in Dubrovnik

Escorting a tour in Dubrovnik

Take a look at a sample of some tours that I found on a cruise ship website. This is what passengers pay for them to go. Not all lines do this…but we show you how – if they do.

Prehistoric Megaliths of Kilmartin Glen – $109

Highlights: In the manner of Stonehenge, the megaliths of Kilmartin Glen are an extraordinary archaeological treasure, representing over 5,000 years of human history. A journey of just 45 minutes takes you millennia back in time to discover the valley’s prehistoric standing stones, cairns and chambered tombs, and for a visit to the museum that sheds light on these enigmatic marvels.

A Welsh Castle & an Elizabethan House – $216

Highlights: Travel along the spectacular north coast of Wales to the town of Conwy, where you will discover a once-majestic, now partially ruined castle and visit one of the finest Elizabethan homes in all of Britain.

Charming North Wales – 249.

Highlights: Three singular delights are yours to experience on this full-day adventure: a visit to a beautiful 14th-century castle, a ride on a narrow-gauge railway and an exploration of a charming Welsh village.

Aded those up then think about the whole cruise – a very good deal. On a Greek Island – Agean cruise, even my wife was permitted. We did not pay for a single tour.

We teach – you do. Or we provide all the handholding. We’ll work up your talks, produce your required YouTube and even write your talk for you!! $200 to learn this is one of the best things you do for your bucket list.

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