Cruise Evacuation Insurance now being required to sail

ByRick Deutsch

Cruise Evacuation Insurance now being required to sail

As a ship lecturer, you need to submit many documents prior to sailing. Copies of your passport, VISAs, shots, health card, next of kin, etc. A new one that I ran into recently is a Medical Evacuation Card.

Cruise speakers have a lot of paperwork

Cruise speakers have a lot of paperwork

While on the ship, if you get sick or injured, the on-board doctor can treat you. The clinic on most holds a guest doctor, who like you, is sailing for free in exchange for telling people who are sneezing, that they are sneezing. Don’t expect the Mayo Clinic. Most better and large ships are very comprehensive and if needed can even perform and operation. They even have a limited pharmacy for the more common drugs. Metopolol is one many older people need to blood pressure reduction. They should have it.

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You WILL be billed for any services. So you do need to make sure you are covered. Medicare is often OK – check before you go. Evacuation Insurance is to make sure if you get mogo-on-the-ga-go-go, that you receive treatment at an appropriate specialist and it’s paid for.

That doctor may be in a different country or even back in the USA. The ship will assist you as far as they can, but you either better have a credit card with a $300K limit or take out the travelers insurance with this clause. A good idea anyway.

There are a few companies that offer this. Usually not the big ones. Jiggle it to find out…er, Google it. Plan on about $100+ for 2 people for a cruise of 3 weeks or so. If you are on a world cruise, you will have to go up to their next policy.

Can we walk you through some of the confusion of sailing? We’ve been there, done that and bought the TShirt.


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